Fishin’ Fashion: Brands You’ll Love Whether You’re a Fly Girl or Not.

Big brands may hold the market share, but a group of driven women in the fishing industry are creating unique and powerful brands of their own.  Creativity,  talent, passion and entrepreneurial spirit is producing a whole new identity for women who fish.

If there was a common thread to each of these brands, it’s that most of them were born out of the frustration of not having clothing designed, fitted and styled in a manner that women wanted.

Lesson to be learned: If women don’t like the way things are getting done, they are bound to strike out and do it themselves.

These are some of the brands I have recently discovered and grown to love. Whether you’re a fly girl or not, there is something here for you.

Art 4 All  – by Abby Paffrath

Photo credit: Abby Paffrath

“When my art is out in the world it connects friends and family no matter how far apart they are. I could wish for nothing more. I relish the idea of my art alive in our big and beautiful world.” – Abby Paffrath

Abby Paffrath, was born and raised in Breckenridge Colorado. She draws from her mountain girl upbringing, love of skiing, horseback riding and fly fishing to influence her beautiful batik art.

I’ve seen Abby’s series of vibrant trucker hats on numerous sites, instagram posts and they always stand out. I love that Abby is showcasing her artwork in a fun, wearable way. Learn more about Abby and her undeniable talents here.

Lady Fish

Photo Credit: Lady Fish

“Fishing is our passion and we have an appreciation for all the women out there, who love fishing as much as we do. I believe I can out fish most of the guys I know (if not, atleast I can bait my own hook)!” – Kelly Stroud

I smiled when I saw the Lady Fish tagline, I can bait my own hook!. I’m pretty confident that any woman who has found their confidence in fishing has said those words.

Kelly Stroud created Lady Fish after recognizing that there was a lack of fishing apparel available for women. Her mission is to provide high performance gear for women who love to fish. Many of  her pieces provide UPF50 sun protection for long days on the water.


Photo credit: Judy Patrick and FisheWear

“My goal is to try to change the way fishing is for women and that [fishing gear] doesn’t have to be olive brown, black, or tan; it doesn’t have to look like your dad’s clothes; and it can be fun and comfortable.” – Linda Leary

Linda Leary’s vision for FisheWear is to create comfortable, functioning clothing for women, that fit and are fashionable. I was immediately drawn to FisheWear’s leggings as soon as I saw them. I was equally impressed by their wide selection of tops, bags, hats, belts, and awesome patterns. They truly are works of art!

FisheWear recently launched a merino wool collection, which I can easily appreciate for Canadian winters! I’m headed to Anchorage in August and am super excited to visit their show room. Expect to see me in some blue fish leggings in the very near future!

Reel Skipper

Photo credit: Reel Skipper

Engineered for the water. Made for Adventure. We are Reel Skippers, and we keep it tight.

I’ve been on a hat kick lately, so Reel Skipper’s hat selection, especially their Meese hats, drew me in on Instagram. I loved their simple “S” hook logo and ocean loving attitude.

While I don’t think I’d have the confidence to rock one of their cute bikini’s, I am pretty sure I’ll own one of their lure tank tops and hats at some point. Super cute, feminine and perfect for a day out on the water!

Lady Angler Co.

Photo Credit: Lady Angler Co.

We bring passion for the sport and an appreciation for the people who love fishing as much as we do.

I love a lot about Lady Angler Co. It speaks to my personal style and looks super comfortable. Like many of the other brands, Lady Angler Co., strives to raise the standard for ladies fishing apparel while offering comfort, style and performance. I can see myself in all of their clothing, but especially like their BoHo Bass t-shirt and hats.


Photo credit: AnglHer

Founded in 2013, by a girl who wanted to create an identity for women who fish – to be referred to as something other than a fisherman or fisher person. ANGLHER was born.

AnglHer is first and foremost a community created through hosted fishing trips and outdoor education classes for women.  In addition, they also run a supporting line of clothing and accessories for both women and children. I loved the concept of creating an identity for women who fish and building community through the desire to cater to a female perspective.

Heads up to my Canadian ladies, they’re hosting a trip (August 1-5th) in Fernie, BC!

Salmon Sisters

Photo credit: Salmon Sisters

Together, we honor the fish we catch, the wild land we live on, and the ocean that connects us all – Salmon Sisters

No pun intended, but one visit to the Salmon Sister‘s website and I was hooked. Their recent video left me itching to get on a plane and go to Alaska – good thing that was already in my travel plans.

Created by two young Alaskan fishermen, Emma and Clare Teal, Salmon Sisters products are designed and created in Alaska, inspired by nautical tradition, and made for a community of fishermen, adventurers, and ocean-enthusiasts. Their extensive product line spans beautiful clothing, mugs, bags, wallets, cookbooks and artwork. For every sale they make, one can of salmon is donated to the Food Bank of Alaska. I’ll be hitting up their new Flagship store in August, when I head down to Homer, and am pretty stoked about that!

Damsel Fly Fishing

pop damsela
Photo credit: Kate Taylor

We are real women who are making high quality, functional but fashionable accessories to take you from drift to drinks. Damsel Fly Fishing is more than just fishing products, it’s a family.

Damsel Fly Fishing, founded by sisters, Kara and Lynae, is the realization of a dream for classy and comfortable apparel and accessories designed by women anglers for women anglers. My mom’s a quilter, so the fabrics in their snoods drew me in. They’re so pretty!

Their line of products encompass belts, hats, snoods and high quality bags and rod cases.

Proud supporters of programs such as Rivers of Recovery and Casting for Recovery, Damsel Fly Fishing draws inspiration from the memory, courage and grace of their mom, DeAnne.

Rods Reels and Heels

Photo credit: Lindy Orozco

I’ve always imagined fly fishing being somewhat of a sisterhood, as we wade our own way on the water. Rods, Reels, and Heels was born from that idea.  – Brenna Burgos

I first came across Rods, Reels and Heels when South Dakota Fly Girl, Tiffany , posted a pic of a pottery mug on Instagram. I’m addicted to pottery mugs…it’s bad! I ventured over to the RRH website and was impressed by the variety of cute clothing, mugs, bracelets, hats (partnered with Abby Paffrath!) and kids wear.

Rods, Reels and Heels, is a one-woman show created by Brenna Burgos. It started out as blogging, but has blossomed into classes and her clothing line. 1% of all sales from her “Keep ‘Em Wild” collection goes towards the Wild Steelhead Coalition, an organization working to increase the return of wild steelhead to the rivers and streams of the West Coast.

SaraBella Fishing

SBF - blog pic 6-2017a.jpg
Photo credit: SaraBella Fishing

“For me, fly-fishing is a spiritual adventure of gratitude, persistence, patience, humility, thrill, and beauty. It brings perspective, joy, and lower blood pressure.”  -April Archer, CEO.

I was awestruck with SaraBella Fishing‘s fly rods as soon as I saw them. Simply put, they are gorgeous and I want one! That said, these rods are far more than pretty.

SaraBella Fishing is a woman-owned company, founded in 2014, by April Archer. Their rods are hand-made, in many cases by “survivors” – of breast cancer, disabled veterans and domestic abuse. Made from re-purposed Colorado wood, they are still the only fly rod maker (in the world) that focuses on products and outreach for women and girls.

They’ve partnered with non-profits such as, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing , MMile High Workshop, and The Mayfly Project.  Their sole Canadian “Ally” is Jesse Paulsen, from British Columbia and they are looking to expand their reach! Get in touch!

Maven Fly

Photo credit: Maven Fly

No need to look like you are wearing your husband, partner or fathers shirt. Bottom line, women want to feel comfortable and look good in what they are wearing, while doing what they love! – Tackle the world in style!

Maven Fly‘s founder, Lise Lozelle, and I sound like similar people. She loves adventure and has been a collector of gear for lots of outdoor endeavors. Like many others Maven Fly came about after not seeing enough options for women. “Shrink it and pink it” just wasn’t going to work for Lise. With a background in marketing and promotions, hands on business experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, she created Maven Fly!

I enjoy a lot of Maven Fly’s products, but find particular strength in some of their accessories, including partnerships with Sightline Provisions and SaraBella Fishing.

Dolly Varden


Dolly Varden Clothing Company is the sole Canadian company on this list. I came across them, guess it…yes, through Instagram, after they liked one of my photos last year.  I’ve since picked up a bunch of their gear (including shirts, hoodies and hats) for myself and friends. All are  great quality and the fabric used in their Biscayne line is beyond comfy!

Dolly Varden’s name comes from a species of trout known for its vibrant colours and constant movement. That the fish was named after a fashion line in the 1800’s couldn’t be more ‘full circle’.

Fishing with Feathers

Photo credit: Fishing With Feathers

While not a brand designed specifically for women, I loved Fishing With Feathers‘ logo and noticed fishermen, Katie Kahn, wearing their hats a lot in her Instagram posts lately. I am excited to see what comes down the line for women, and if it’s not something they’ve considered yet, they probably should! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the read and learned about some female friendly brands!

This has been one of my favourite posts to date. I find it encouraging and exciting to see how each of these companies (and their owners) are embracing, championing and paving a smoother path for women to carve out their own identity in the outdoors!

Big thank you to Brenna, April, Kate, Abby, Lynae, Kara, Val, Kelly, Kyler, Kelli, Lise and Reel Skipper for going out of their way to provide me with such great photos.

Here’s to supporting each other and our love for all things wild and beautiful!

Wild and Found

P.S. If you’re a Canadian reading this, you’re probably wondering why I highlighted so few Canadian brands. True to the experience of those above, I simply couldn’t find many catering to women, specifically.  If you know of some, I’d love to hear about it!

Photo credit: Rob Reid @fishnreids

I did not receive any compensation for writing, or including any of these brands in, this post. If you like these brands, check out my other blog post, “13 Lifestyle Brands I Just Discovered”.

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